The Veiled Hand

Aren is a land of magic and conflict, where the known world is still recovering from a war of secession and the magical cataclysm that brought it to an end.

This world is a humano-centric fantasy world. There are no elves, dwarves, etc. Or, if there are, they haven't been developed yet. Don't count on the traditional fantasy races. I wanted somethign different that didn't rely on those tropes.

Aren is a land south of the Mondat mountains. It was once one kingdom. In a King Lear-esque move, the king at the time divided his lands into three and made his three sons kings of their own, each with a land with it's own special gifts and climes.

The Kumlaren are people from the Kingdom (crown republic) of Kumlar. It's more a collection of city-states now than it was when it was founded. This is the basic “default” setting.

Within Kumlar, there are a range of people. Most notable are:

  • The Tarenti - Riders of the Swift-footed alnis of the northern plains who live a nomadic lifestyle always in the shadow of the Modnat range.
  • The Cyren - the population on the Hammer Isles, who were there before the Exodus from Yesh brought the People to Aren. They are sailors and fishermen, adjusetd to life on the sea

The Khune are people from the Kingdom of Khune, a rough and terrible land that's mostly desert and scrub-lands. It is a tough land with tough people, and tales of dark sorcery and theft-of-magic abound. Most notable in this setting is that Khune is held in some horror by the Kumlaren because of the practice of human slavery and human sacrifice. While there are very good reasons and cultural history behind it, those not involved don't see the reasons…

The Third Kingdom–Khadid–fell during a great war with the Shadows of Mondat. Khadid was a jewel of education, arts and culture, but the capital city, Javid, was levelled in a magical event which rippled changed everything. The Khadiden were scattered, its aristocracy destroyed, and much of the land around Javid remains corrupted, walked by creatures barely resmebling what their ancestors once were.

The Magical Event

It is a fundamental axiom of the setting that everyone can perform magic. The Craft is innate and intertwined with every thing–animate or inanimate, alive or dead.

In fighting the Shadows of Mondat, the College of Mages in Javid developed a ritual to help turn the armies of the Mondat away, by making fundamental changes to the Mondat nature. When the great work fell–collapsed, backfired or simply failed–the collected energy rippled out changing the world on a level never before seen. Every living being in Javid was destroyed. Every living thing outside of Javid and for a sizable radius around it, was changed. Some were twisted into grotesques, others turned into near angelic beings. The outer regions of Khadid suffered far less than those settlements nearer to the epicenter.

It wasn't for several years that the biggest side-effect of the blast at Javid was observed. Many born after the Blast appear to be able to harness magical energy at will without the need to cast a ritual.

Now, a full ten generations later, Kumlar and Khune have annexed huge portions of former Khadid. Adventurers travel regularly into deep, dark Khadid to plunder the ruins of Javid and other settlements that were near the center of that once great nation.

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