The World of Aren

Aren is a land of magic and conflict, where the known world is still recovering from a war of secession and the magical cataclysm that brought it to an end.

Hundreds of years ago–before the memories of any alive today, The Dark War consumed the lands and people of Aren. The kingdoms of Khune, Khadid, and Kumlar, descended from three brothers, overcame their endless internecine squabbles to unite against the Mondain, creatures of nightmare, myth and legend. Together the three powers unleashed a devastating magical attack that broke the back of Rakoth the Unmaker and drove the Mondain back into the shifting lands of the Mondat Mountains.

But powerful magics have powerful consequences. The magic that routed the Mondain destroyed Javid, the capital of Khadid. The Kingdom of Khadid was torn asunder, whole regions made unlivable. But the war was won. It wouldn't be until the next generation was born that other consequences were learned: the ability for some to harness the primordial power of magic without the need of ritual.

Now, the Tarenti Riders of the Plains of Aren have requested aid of Kumlar, citing ancient pacts against an even more ancient evil–bedtime stories to frighten children. But all the while, signs and portents cluster. Warning of dark days ahead. For something stirs in the heart of the Mondain mountains, seething: an ancient evil that has not forgotten those that imprisoned it… long before the memories of any living today.

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