The Veiled Hand

The Veiled Hand has been around for a long long time.

Originally, it started by being a retirement package for the Queen's attendants.

At that time, the Queens Attendants were chosen from all stations and walks of life in the kingdom. The reasoning behind that was to help the Queen foster a greater understanding of different cultures, peoples, castes, etc in her region. The Queen has typically been the PR face, the kind hand to the king's iron fist.

The Queens Hands were almost always veiled. Their identity was not to be known by the larger public. This was on purpose, to reinforce the idea that her retinue were both nobody and everybody. The Queens Hand has had heroes and criminals both on retinue. And after seven years term (or one year after the death of the), the Queens Hand were freed from their office. Some returned to their lives; most were relocated to live their lives elsewhere in the kingdom. All were sworn to some levels of secrecy.

The Veiled Hand is still a loosely bound network of informants. Former Queens Hands tied by their loyalty and friendship to the Queen (or her predecessor) and certainly bound to loyalty to the crown, often pass on information that may be of interest to her majesty.

Now, this current queen… she's taken a much more active role in activating the network, likely in response to Dorian's decaying health and increased tensions in the world. She used what tools she had available to her. And The Veiled Hand isn't largely acknowledged as a group, let alone a bona fide conspiracy.

It is considered a great honor to serve the Queen thusly. It is rumored (but not true) that an attendant serves for seven years. The public believes The Veiled Hand refers specifically to her handmaidens. The general public is not aware of the existence of this conspiracy network.

There are a couple of dozens of Veiled Hands across Kumlar, and even some (though much fewer) in Khune. This is not a heavily active network. In their new life, these people simply pass on information that may be of interest to the Kumlaren crown.

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