To Parse

Everyone knows that King Dorian was ill. It's a common occurrence for the rulers of Kumlar. Some say it's because they are bound to the land in secret ways, and that their lifeblood nurtures the land, even as the land nurtures the people. But the land extracts a heavy price. And with the drought and the seclusion of the Hierophant, it seemed that dark times were coming, if not already here.

On the face of things, Queen Jia ruled. Though Dorian still conducted business, Jia was the face of the monarchy now. Since Queen Jia's birthed two boys and not a girl, there would be a succession upon her death. When Dorian died, she would rule until the boys were of age. They would rule until her death. Then… Duchess Jaelle of East Pennryn was next in line to the throne. Her husband, Duke Churthen was reputedly most eager to ascend.

So, naturally, Churthen was a primary suspect when Prince Liam and Lucas went missing. Churthen had been in druvir during the time they had disappeared, although Jaelle had been in South Keep for the tournament_of_flowers.

Kumlaren Gods

When Averren turned his back on the twelve, he upset a lot of people. When he stuck to it even after founding druvir, it caused dissension, much of which still hasn't subsided even today, centuries later. While the twelve live on mostly as mythology and legends of a people long past, there is a predominant view that preceded even the worship of the twelve.

The fumdamental Creation Myth:

First came Ena, the Eternal Shadow, always pregnant, mother of all that is and all that will be.

Ena slept in the nothing, and in her dreams, she yearned for something else. But she knew not what else there could be beyond herself. In order to understand “otherness”, Ena dismembered herself into three Vesmas:

What we call reality is but the moving shadows on the body of Siena, formed by the light of Lisma on Lita. Without Lisma, there is no shadow-play. Without Lita, there is no shadow. Without Siena, there is no canvas on which the shadows are cast.

Reality is a delicate balance of all three: the light, the canvas an the dark between.

Averan, when he turned his back on the twelve resurrected the recognition of the Ancient Gods, the triad-mothers. Gemin, as First Sage, was required to push the orthodoxy of the mother-triad. To some extent, he was able to work in his own dualistic views into the shadow/flame analogy, lessening the relative importance and acknowledgement of Siena, the Empty Wall, the canvas on which reality plays out.

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