Dragon Emperor Eric Markov

Power is a Game of Balance

In name, Dragon Emperor Eric Markov, known among his people as the Radiant Dragon, is the undisputed ruler of Khune. In truth, it could be argued that he serves at the Great House's whim. The fact that he has continued to serve as Emperor through the reign of supremacy of three separate Houses in the last three decades speaks to his power and political acumen. The Dragon Emperor is Oathsworn to no House, but possesses the Boon Magic that is the foundation of each. He is a potent force in his own right, having Bound some of the most powerful Mantles in the Empire to his personal Mantle or those of his War Mages through Blood Sacrifice. He is rightfully feared on the battlefield for his skill as a leader, and operates as a sort of check on the Great House's power even as they operate as a check on his.

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