The Practical Laws of Magic

See also: Fundamental Laws of Magic, Ritual Magic, Evocation, Disciplines of Magic

While the Fundamental Laws of Magic represent how magic works and the rules that you simply cannot get around, there are also a handful of practical laws, adopted by the Stoltgard Concord of 3E220.

Of course, people attempt to circumvent these laws. It's simply human nature. But the declaration provides the respective governments of Aren a legal pretext for addressing such transgressions.

The Stoltgard Concord also conferred upon the respective nations of Kumlar, Khune and Khadid the right to enforce these laws a they see fit. In Kumlar, the College of mages is responsible for the investigation of magical issues and for the execution of justice.

Control Your Emotions

Magic is colored by your emotion. Lose control of your emotions and you may lose control of your magic.

Seek Not to Command Another

Subverting Free Will is a road to conflict and rife with the taste of forbidden fruit… And often it comes with unforeseen consequences.

Seek Not to Alter the Flow of Time

Paradox is a vicious Bitch, and you will suffer for it.

Seek Not to Draw From the Underworld

The Underworld is Lita's domain, and taking someone from the Underworld has serious real-world consequences. Nobody wants undead around. Necromancers don't tend to last very long in this world.

Seek Not Beyond the Sphere of Ena

Ena is the Primordial God, the creator of all. What lies beyond is unknown. Breaching the sphere of reality threatens to let in whatever is outside and perhaps weaken the surface tension that keeps this reality consistent. The College of Magic lobbied hard for this addition to the Stoltgard Concord, but to date, no-one is aware of any attempt to go beyond the bounds of known reality.

See also: Fundamental Laws of Magic, Ritual Magic, Evocation, Disciplines of Magic

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