Seepage, Backlash and Fallout

When good magic goes bad

Mot every application of magic is successful. Both Rituals and Evocation are powered by the gathering of magical energy and the focusing of will to achieve demonstrable changes. When one gathers energy, one has to create a construct of will in which to hold the accumulated energy that will be used to power the spell. For most people, this will be as simple as drawing a magical circle and closing it off with an act of willpower. But if that circle is broken, the accumulated energy has to go somewhere.


Seepage is the slow leakage of excess magical energy into an area, causing a “hotspot” of increased magical energy that may corrupt or alter a localized area around the leakage. Most often, this is a result of stored magical energy leaking from a magical construct. Given enough time, the energy will dissipitate into the standard background energy, but this doesn't happen over night.


Backlash is the internalization of the magical energy. Often, it is chosen as a measure of safety to protect innocent bystanders. Sometimes the caster has choice and can work that into the spell-effect.

Backlash directly affects the caster and any other participants of a magical casting. The caster may become burned or may take on physical or psychological conditions or even a magical condition commensurate with the amount of energy they've absorbed. They may even suffer permanent change because of it, though usually, it's only a matter of time until the participant can bleed off the excess magical energy, thus divesting themselves of the consequences of the backlash.

Example backlashes:

In trying to perform a ritual for a bountiful harvest, Almac screwed-up his ritual. Now, he finds that his own excrement is particularly prodigious and aromatic. He wanted fertilizer. Well, he got it!

In trying to raise a shield of ice, Flumont messed up. While he managed to dodge out of the way of the incoming fire-ball, he's now frozen his right hand. He's got severe frostbite and may actually lose the hand because of it. Hopefully, he can get to a healer soon.


Fallout reflects damage to the surrounding area, and all things (and people) within the area. People may take stress, consequences, physical, psychological conditions or even magical conditions.

Example Fallouts:

In trying to perform a ritual to help the heaving sow birth her piglets, Almac screwed-up his ritual again… Fearing the possible personal repercussions, he opted to let the magical energy wash into the surrounding area, unleashing a pressure-wave of pure nausea that will stick about the area for a couple of days.

In trying to cast a fire-ball, Flumont messed-up again. He's not going to risk getting burnt, so he opts to channel the energy into the surrounding area. Everywhere within fifteen feet of Flumont is scorched by the sudden circle of fire that erupted from around him. Thankfully, it was only an instant, but it was enough to singe the eyebrows of anybody nearby…

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