Ritual Magic


  • Provide access to inaccessible knowledge (tracking & divination, etc),
  • Allow interactions with the supernatural (summoning, binding, etc),
  • Allow one to create lasting changes (enchantment, abjuration, etc),
  • Shape magical energies into physical forms (conjuration & illusion, etc)

Rituals are considered common magic as just about anybody can do it if they have the appropriate knowledge.

System: These do not typically require more than a narrative nod.

Rituals are not instantaneous. They can be quick or take days–even months or years!

Magic is Power without Form

Magic is potential only. Until it is shaped and given physical form, is is only ever potential. The act of “casting” is the act of giving physical form to magic. Whether it be the blast of ice of an ice-ball or the fundamental changes in the chemistry of the brain that makes one love you, casting magic is the application of will to make changes to the physical world.

For most rituals, the creation of a circle to contain the magic might be enough. But to create a hanging spell (or other triggered effect, the spell must be bound to something physical. To create a physical thing, the thing itself is the physical form.

The fundamentals of all rituals remain the same:

  • Create a temporary container for the magical power (typically a magic circle)
  • Envision your end-goal
  • Summon the power
  • Release the power (typically break the circle)

Other requirements may be needed to make manifest the desired effect. Rituals take time, because the caster is raising power safely, within his capability to do so.

By it's very nature Rituals don't carry enough drama to actually roleplay.

Major ritual effects will need to be discussed so that the appropriate requirements can be defined. The larger the ritual the more complicated it's going to be, and the more likely you'll need to do some sort of roleplaying scene to make the ritual a success…

While one might successfully be able to destroy a mountain through the application of magical will alone, its will go much easier if they've taken the time to prepare and gather their resources, create a whole bunch of Advantages to aid them in the spell-casting.

I mean, if you've bartered with an Ancient Forest Spirit who's willing to help you to the tune of contributing 20-shifts of power, that's 20 shifts of power you don't need to risk….

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