Practical Laws of Magic

See also: Fundamental Laws, Practical Laws, Rituals (Common Magic), Evocation, Disciplines of Magic

While the Fundamental Laws of Magic represent how magic works and the rules that you simply cannot get around, there are also a handful of practical laws which are social constructs typically) put in place to prevent massive consequences. Of course, people attempt to circumvent these laws. It's simply human nature.

The following uses of magic could have serious consequences in your setting:

  • Mind-Control: - Subverting Free Will is a road to conflict and rife with the taste of forbidden fruit… And often it comes with unforeseen consequences. A sentient mind rails against outside control and alteration, and consequences could include unforeseen personality defects and self-destructive behaviour.
  • Time-Manipulation - Paradox is a vicious Bitch, and you will suffer for it.
  • Bring Back the Dead
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