The Fundamental Laws of Magic

Magic Requires Form

You cannot affect something that cannot be expressed as a concrete noun. When you think of something, you've fixed it in your mind's eye. It might be a tangible thing like a flower or an intangible thing like the relationship between lovers. But you must be able to conceptualize it. So, a relationship must have some sort of physical representation to be able to work: a love-letter, a photograph of the two lovers together, etc…. Symbols and metaphor are important!

Vast unspecific concepts, like Economics or Politics, cannot be affected directly by Magic. These are not concrete nouns. Systems of operations cannot be affected directly. But, like all things, such systems are composed of component parts which can be affected. So, while you cannot magically change the market price for Carris oil, you can change a specific buyer's recollection of the price, the notation on the price-board, perhaps the relative amount of Carris Oil in current stock…

Magic Isn't Free

It might be slight: the barest application of Will to bring a pot of water to boil or to change the colour of a specific flower. But the greater the magic, the greater the power-drain. Magic is not a free excuse to do something, it is a tool and it takes effort to use it.

Casting world-changing magics brings world-changing consequences. Conjuring a small wind to fan yourself on a hot day is negligible. Conjuring a torrential downpour might be beyond your character's ability to fully conceptualize. But perhaps they could summon a storm by messing with existing weather-systems…

Magic Lasts Only As Long As it is Powered

Magic lasts only so long as it is properly powered by Will. One might create a magical wall to keep out an invader. But once the wall is no longer powered, the wall fades. Conjuring permanent things require the use of permanent resources. Thus, creating a permanent sand golem requires sand…

Magic Cannot Be Contained Indefinitely

One may create a receptacle for magical energies, perhaps for use in a large ritual. It might be that several smaller ritual are performed to amass power that is then stored in talismans that will be consumed during the end-ritual. But it still takes magic to store magic, and no magic may be stored indefinitely.


Seepage occur when the container used to store magical energy begins to decay or is too weak to fully contain the energy. The stored energy begins to bleed back into the world, often causing unintended side-effects (See fallout).

Emotion Affects Magic

Magic is coloured by your emotion. Lose control of your emotions and you may lose control of your magic.

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