Using Flashbacks

At any time, a player may introduce a flashback to justify the creation of an Aspect or dramatic element of the game.

  1. Define the time and place (“I spent a year on Traugor-5 when I was younger…”)
  2. Define what happened (“I helped remove a radiation-source from the township well….”)
  3. Define what you get out of this (“So I create the Aspect One Good Turn Deserves Another)


  • GM and other players may ask questions to create a more robust story
  • You and the GM will determine what kind of play or rolls are necessary If any). This will typically be related to the Aspect you want to bring into play. This one, for instance might require a Science roll… If successful, the story becomes a part of the game's history. You might be able to leverage it again. If a tie, you are successful, but at a cost. You get what you need, but there's always a price attached. If you fail… well, things didn't quite go as you remembered them…
  • You Must Not Contradict the Present. No killing the big-bad before he traps you in that cell. (But, y'know, you might've run into that guard before…)
  • The Past Happened. Whatever you introduce during a flashback is fair game for later incorporation into the game, even if it changes the direction of the story.

Based on the article “I Remember When…”: Using Flashbacks in Fate by Tara Zuber, published by Magpie Games in The Fate Codex Volume 2Back to RPOL Rules

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