Fate Core Space Opera Game

Player-characters were held in stasis in a station awaiting transport to a penal colony. When the facility they're on gets attacked, their personalities are “quick-loaded” back into their bodies. The PCs manage to get to an impounded ship and get off the station before it blows…

The “quick-load” is a narrative excuse why we don't have all the history and background about our characters and the state of the galaxy in general. The character's have a fog because we, the players, haven't defined things yet.

The Setting

The galaxy is a rough, undifferentiated mass of stars. No central hub–just stars scattered throughout.

Once, there were two massive star empires who laid waste to huge swaths of the galaxy before finally settling into an uneasy peace. The long-standing but uneasy “non-aggression pact” was made functional by the “Independent Frontier”, the sizable neutral zone between them. Now, though, those empires have fallen apart, become divided into several smaller (but still huge!) empires, united only in their distrust of the opposing factions… Their machinations and manipulations are never-ending and it almost always involves fighting proxy wars against one another via the independent frontier… The Frontier Zone is your home. A patchwork of governments and jurisdictions, making it a hotbed for trouble—and adventure!

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