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Scene, Session, Scenario

  • Scene: Each distinct scene will have it's own thread. When the scene is over, the thread will be closed.
  • A Session (or Episode) is a collection of scenes. It ends when we reach some sort of narratively important point. The completion of a Session will result in a Minor Milestone (see FC 256). Items and stunts that can be used “once per session” will reset. This still needs to make narrative sense (ie, a one-shot weapon that hasn't been reloaded in a scene that follows immediately after another scene, can't be used until it's reloaded).. If in doubt, talk to me in the metagame thread!
  • A Scenario (or Season) is a collection of session (episodes). It encompasses the whole of a story. This will result in a Significant or Major Milestone, depending on how long and how involved the story has been.

Narrative Justification

First off, please realize that normally, Consequences need a narrative justification before they can be healed. That's the whole “After recovery starts” bit.

If your character has A BLOODY NOSE at the end of scene 01.01, he does not automatically heal up at the start of scene 01.02. He is going to have a bloody nose through scene 01.02. He should be doing what he can to justify recovery… wadding tissue up his nostrils, putting ice on his nose… whatever. That is the narrative justification so that when scene 01.03 rolls around, he's free and clear and the Minor Consequence is gone. Also note that you cannot normally start recovery on a Consequence during the scene in which the character acquired the Consequence. You pretty much have to carry the consequence through the next scene (or down-time).

Of course, there are magics or super-science which might act to heal the character immediately. This rule doesn't refer to those things.

What about down-time between scenes?

Okay, so what if scene 01.02 takes place an hour after scene 01.01? Or even the next day?

This can also serve as narrative justification. But we need some sort of narrative reference to justify the removal of the Consequence. So, give me a line that acknowledges the existence (and removal) of the consequence: “Mike touched his nose, tenderly. It took hours to get the bleeding to stop the night before, and he was worried about how he looked…” Awesome.

Roll for Initiative will Be Done by the GM

When entering combat, the GM will roll Initiative by <b>rolling 4dF + your Notice skill</b>. This will determine your positioning in the initiative ladder. You can pre-roll it, if you like…. just give me a heads up that that's what's going on. Your Initiative lasts throughout the entire combat-scene, unless stunts or Aspects allow you to change it.

Fate-Point Re-Rolls

If you spend a fate-point to re-roll you may always take the better of the two rolls. You're not going to be stuck with an even worse roll.

"Holding Your Action"

If you're at +5 in the Initiative and you want to wait for a +3 character's actions, you should be able to do that. If you're already lower down on the initiative ranking, you simply cannot make a conditional action depending on what someone higher in the initiative ranking does.

Weapons & Armor

Special Weapons (and special ammunition) and Armor will be modeled via Aspects and “Create Advantage” actions. For some things, like wearing armor, it is enough to indicate that this thing exists narratively.


Because I very much dislike itemizing everything your character has and are bringing with them at every moment, you get one free invoke off of your Aspects (two free invokes total, not two per Aspect!) in each scene to reflect you having just the item you needed, because your character is awesome and prepared for the kind of thing she deals with on a regular basis.

Narrative Consistency, Please

The item you introduce must be tied to one of your existing Aspects or have a narrative precedent. If nothing about your character touches on medicine, why would she be carrying around a laser-scalpel??

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