Game Notations & Color-Codes


I use a couple of specific notations when rolling and asking for rolls. Target Numbers I use colons for target numbers

  • Roll Rapport:+1 (skill is defined)
  • Roll vs TN:+0 (skill is undefined)

I use parenthesis for skill-ratings and results. You rolled Science(+4/+2) means: you rolled a result of +4 using Science vs TN:+2

No Need to Paste the Dice-Log Entry

I don't need the cut-and-pasted dice-roll in the message (but I'm totally okay if you do it!) So long as I can tell what you rolled and why you rolled it, I'm happy. If I want to confirm the roll, I'll check the dice-log.

When Using the Die-Roller

When using the dice-roller, it really helps if you list the Skill & rating, the Action and, if possible why the roll… Rolling Tech(+2/+2) Overcome the door-locks

The more information you can put in one place, the easier it is for me. I like easy.

Unsolicited Rolls

If you decide to roll dice for an Action, please include the assumed target number for your rolls. Most of the time, I won't have a number in mind, anyway, so your adding that in just removes a potential time-delay. If you choose to roll without being asked, I will need you to play by the results. If you can't think of (or aren't willing to play out) a dramatic result of a success and a dramatic result of a failure, please don't roll for it.


Over the years, I've come to use specific color-codes. You are not obligated to use these colors. This article is just to help you understand how I use them.

Red Text This is important! This is the only reserved color. You can use it, but when you do, it should be specificalyl for a call-out to the GM.
Orange Text Out-Of-Character text in an primarily in-character post
Purple Text Quoting you a player to answer a direct question or respond to something said
Dark Blue In-Character voice communication
Dark Green In-Character non-voice communication
Green, SmallCaps Represents a Fate Core Aspect
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