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Ammo Stress-Tracks

Each firearm has an ammo track; at least 2 stress boxes and as many as 4. Shooting a gun doesn’t usually use up any of your ammo; you can just fire away as much as you want, as long as you’re just using one of the standard four actions with your shoot skill.

There are two circumstances under which you check off ammo boxes:

  • If you attack and fail, you can check off an ammo box to reroll your dice.
  • If you spray an area (Create Advantage?), check off two boxes and make your attack action against everyone in the zone you’re targeting. You may only target one zone per attack action.

Being able to do this is a function of the gun you’re using; you can’t spray an area with a six-shooter, for example, but you can spray an area with an automatic rifle

There’s no limit to the number of ammo stress boxes you can check off in a single action other than the number of stress boxes your gun has. Once you check off the last stress box on a gun’s ammo track, that gun’s out of ammo. When a gun’s out of ammo, you can’t use it until you get more ammo.

Out of Ammo!

When a gun’s out of ammo, you can’t use it until you get more (replace the cartridge, let your laser-rifle cool-down, whatever).


When your gun runs dry, you can try to reload it. When you reload your gun, you’re creating a special advantage on it, trying to put the Ammo aspect back on the gun. Passive opposition for reloading is usually mediocre (+0), but might be higher depending on the situation.

  • If you fail, something prevented you from reloading.
  • If you tie, you reload your gun but you’ve left yourself exposed or vulnerable; someone else gets a boost they can use against you.
  • If you succeed, you’ve reloaded. You now have ammo, and the stress-track onj the gun has been cleared.
  • If you succeed with style, you reload and gain The <Green>Extra Ammo</Green> Aspect[/LIST]

Extra Ammo Aspect

You can create an Extra Ammo Aspect with a create advantage action if you like, but you can only have one Extra Ammo Aspect at a time. You can invoke it like any other aspect, but invoking it destroys the aspect (though it does not costs a fate point).

You can also invoke your Extra Ammo aspect to clear out the ammo track on one gun.

This work uses material from Lock & Load: Using Ammo in FATE, published by Magpie Games in The Fate Codex Volume 1, Issue 1 and written by Brian Engard, and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license ( )

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