Alien Races


The Zothano are a race of slender bipeds with more joints than most humans are comfortable with. Their bodies are covered with fine pelts shading from deep red to black; not that the color matters to them, as none have eyes. Many work as ship or station mechanics, where their ability to move through tight spaces and work in lightless areas comes in handy; not a few have been found doing similar jobs for less-than-legal employers.


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Pai Huai

The Pai Huai are a sub-species of human, the Pai Huai split off from planet based societies centuries ago and have a culture mostly all their own. Centuries of distance and space based life has caused several genetic deviations and plenty of cultural bias against them. Think Belters crossed with Gypsies. They travel in small caravans of cargo ships passed down in family lines.


Mole-like humanoids seem to know the lanes and the dangers of space like the inside of their pocket. However, they also demand a astronomical price for their navigator services (hence the sticking nickname). Their secret is they have tamed a trans-dimensional FTL “whale” species/entity that tell them everything about space.

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